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only ten days….

October 13, 2010

I am at a loss for words, guys. I would totally go into what I’m planning (which at this point, it’s not so much planning but straight-up divide & conquer, get-it-done crunch time) You’d be surprised to know that even with all of my pre-planning, I still have lists thousands of feet long of things I need to accomplish each day.

However, instead of going on and on about planning, I want to take a minute to talk about THE DAY. Like a hockey player in a batting cage, taking hits from a baseball to toughen up, I have been watching sappy movies, listening to slow songs… anything I can do to “toughen up”. I know I’m going to cry like a baby anyways. I at least hope I can learn to cry without smudging my eye makeup! I know, though, that no amount of preparation, no hours of staring at cute baby pictures of us and listening to our first dance song, will possibly prepare me for walking down that aisle, standing in front of that arch, and saying those vows.

This whole experience has shown me that I’m a pretty lucky individual- we both are. We have found each other in a world where some go a lifetime without love. We understand (for the most part..) each other, and we balance each other out. One of us is organized, driven, classified as type A, maybe OCD on certain days. The other is relaxed, goes with the flow, and can actually take a step back to reasses a situation calmly without freaking out. (I’ll let you determine who’s who here). We are also so lucky to have been surrounded by parents & siblings, uncles & aunts, friends & neighbors, who have lent a helping hand- and without them, we would not have been able to make this day possible.

 Nevermind the fact that I am marrying someone who I have learned to look at as not only a “significant other” but a best friend, confidant, and partner. I could not feel more excited and anxious (in a good, hold-me-back-so-I-don’t-run-down-the-aisle sort of way) to marry him. And I think Winston would heartily agree with me that while we’re excited for the wedding, we’re also excited to finally be coming to the end of this very hectic, stressful time. Weddings are a blessing, fun to plan & a special time. We knew it would be a lot of work though, so we’re glad to be counting down and eagerly anticipate seeing all of our hard work pay off. I know Winston is looking forward to finally seeing my wedding dress. I’m looking forward to our first dance- and to toss my bouquet (as many as I have caught in my life, I am happy to be on the other end…)

Oh yeah, and we’re looking forward to the honeymoon, too. 🙂


all mapped out.

August 2, 2010

so, to save some words, I have still got lots to do, but I’d say I’m on schedule. organization and a need to explain with pictures lends me the comfort that on the day of my wedding, whoever ends up with this binder will have in-depth instructions of every aspect, seeing as how I can’t run this show myself…

I can’t wait to experience this night!

the finer points

August 2, 2010

this weekend was approximately 80% wedding-related activities. Determining photo locales, endless shoe shopping (I have yet to find the “ones”) and stocking up on cardstock in fun prints and my wedding colors for fun little projects like table name cards and (eek) programs! I have so many LITTLE BITTY details to care to now, but I love them just as much!

Like shoe shopping… on a neverending search for a cute wedge style (so I don’t sink into the grass and/or faint…) in my signature color that won’t pinch my toes and does not contain any of the following: cork, leopard print, etc. looks like after Parker and I trekked all over Raleigh, I’ll be ordering them online or making them myself.. because they were nowhere to be found 😦

I considered these as a back-up plan.

just kidding!

though, admittedly, we did have some fun walking around in those mariah carey stilettos…

we did find some adorable dark brown wedges that Parker bought- and if any of my bridesmaids are still trying to find shoes, let me know and I’ll get you the info. We bought them at Rack Room but I can’t find them on their website.

Dress Fitting!

Parker & I met up with Winston’s stepmom and niece, Aspen, who is also one of my junior bridesmaids. She looked adorable in her JB dress, and I LOVE this color on her. I’m only hoping I can somehow extract her suntan- I could use some help in that department, haha!

I am so excited to start ordering all of the other little girls’ dresses! All of these little details are now really starting to come together!

we are SO close!

July 30, 2010

grow old with me, the best is yet to be.

-john lennon

my dear friends, I have been terrible with keeping this blog up-to-date. but this means I have been super busy and have so much to share!

We are exactly 86 days out. I cannot believe how fast our engagement has flown by. It has not been without many fond memories being made along the way. What’s even more amazing to me, as we get closer and closer, is that the best is yet to come. In the coming weeks I will have bridal showers, portrait sessions, hair trials, luncheons, and so many wedding events. (!!!) I’ll do my best to give you the 411. But I’d say “busy bride” is the understatement of the century!

Winston and I are so amazed that we are about to walk down this path of life. Amazed, excited, nervous (butterflies have taken over!) and overall ready to share with everyone just how deep and strong our love for one another is. We have finally chosen a first dance song, and I’ll share with you a few of my favorite lines (though you’ll have to wait for the reception for the special performance..)

“In a hundred years from now, I know without a doubt,
They’ll all look back and wonder how we made it all work out.

Chances are, we’ll go down in history,
And when they want to see, how true love should be,
They’ll just look at us.”

puttin’ on the ritz

May 23, 2010

five months from today is the big day!

Last night Winston & I went with his best man, Andrew, to select the tuxes for the big day. Why did I go? Well I’m glad I did, because when MW Tux says they “coordinate” with David’s Bridal- that means just that- they don’t match, they coordinate. It took some clever combinations to find something that would work.

Basically all of the guys will have vests that have a paisley-type print stiched into them, as shown to the right. Winston’s will be black, the groomsmen will wear red, and Andrew and the dads and grandfathers have a champagne-colored vest with the Truffle tie (to go along with the color of Ashlee’s dress). Like I said, coordinating- not matching completely. Oh well, I think we did pretty well, considering I was asked about every single accessory in the book- from suspenders to top-hats and canes. In the end though, we ended up picking something that the guys liked and I did too- so everyone should clean up rather nicely, at least for a few hours anyway!

So, gentlemen of our wedding party, you now have everything you need to get fitted for your tuxes. Use Group ID 2788632 and they’ve got your names and colors. Please do it by October 8- –yes, you have ample time-– because we’re not paying the $20 rush fee if you forget! 🙂

five months to go, and it’s smooth sailing!

May 17, 2010

Oh blog, how I have neglected thee…

It’s been a few weeks- but I have been no less busy than before! Finally my save-the-dates arrived- they will be in the mail this week! (I promise!) In other news, I’ve basically gotten my rental inventory chosen. We finally settled (I hope) on a tablescape color scheme, after much intense deliberation. Check it out! I’m favoring gold over silver wherever possible to really highlight the warm, autumn feel, and using approximately 200 votive candles to really set the mood for loooove!  The napkins will have a fancier fold than they show here (one of those super important decisions I still have to make…) I’m now struggling with the decision of whether or not to do table seating. On one hand, it’s a thoughtful gesture to make sure families intermingle with people of like interests- but on the other, it’s a LOT of work! I now know why other brides hate this task… you guys may be fending for yourselves, but with my venue and planned layout, there won’t be a bad seat in the house! 🙂

Those lovely red round things in the middle of the table are the candy apple favors I have my eye on; you can see them for yourself on Daffy Apple’s website. I love how the bright red goes with the color scheme but it’s still gooey soft caramel instead of the hard candy coating. Also, they use a crunchy-cereal coating that’s peanut-free, so even my little cousin with an allergy will be able to enjoy them! 🙂

We also have finalized our menu- my love for Italian food is pretty apparent! I’m most looking forward to the bruschetta (even though it’s an appetizer and I may not even get to my own reception in time to enjoy it- but I guess that’s what happens when you’re the main attraction).

I’ve also started on the rest of my stationary, which unlike my save-the-date magnets, will be 100% self- designed. By far the hardest part was picking the fonts, but I’ve decided on my “fancy font” with a normal text font to compliment it. This is somewhat similar to the monogram we’re going to have up on the A/V screen at the reception venue:

On another subject, my calendar of events from now through Halloween has absolutely exploded! We’re having an engagement party the week of my birthday. I’m having a bridal shower in Colorado (oh yea, I’m flying to CO for a week in July). I’ve got a few other showers in the works and not to even mention the craziness that is the entire month of October. I’m looking forward to every minute of it though! I’m so blessed and thankful for everything our families are doing for us. On that note, I’ll close, and leave you with a few photos from a recent beach trip: 



April 13, 2010

I meant to put something in my last post about another recent development. I booked a photographer yesterday- she’s got a great eye and I can’t wait to see how she interprets my big day.

you can go to her website to view her portfolio:

here’s a sample of some of her work: